Delft Management Services


Delft Management Services
Weenatower, Weena 257
NL 3013 AL Rotterdam
Tel. 00-31653980647
D M S, established since 1983, is a full-service management consultancy office directed versus the medium sized company. D M S leads companies to a better performance and takes care of the implementation of its advices.
Being a full-service office, the DMS activities can cover the entire company or a special departement.
DMS is multi-disciplinary, which enables us to concentrate on the following matters: General Management, as well as more specific: Strategic Development, Marketing & Sales, B.P.R. (Business Process Redesign), Total Quality Management (leading to ISO certification), Personnel & Organisation, Education & Training, Administrative Flow, Financial & Tax issues.
The core of DMS consists out of a team of qualified consultants. They are experienced in various sectors and they inform, advise and reinforce each other in their cooperation.
A number of consultants are specialists in general management, others specialized in organisational psychology or in finance.
DMS does not only advise or innovate company's thoughts and policies, but, if wished, also implements its advice.
DMS'commitment can go as far as to realize its own proposition into the company. If wished there is even a possibility to implement the given advices through interim management of the entire company or a special department.
In order to be able to apply our firm's philosophy, there has to be a clear view on the degree of confidence between your and our organisation. The confidence has to be established during our first meeting. This means we expect you to be open and sincere and that we will provide you insight in our organisation and the specific consultant.
Last but least, the firm's philosophy lives with the rule that the investement is always determined on forehand and will never be exceeded. Ask for references.